Virtual Volunteer Resources 

Virtual volunteer resources for industry professionals by industry professionals. Please participate, implement and share your innovative virtual volunteer ideas in return!


**Webinar Recording

Virtual Volunteering During COVID-19      


In case you missed it...get the recording!  Fresh from her overbooked webinar, join Laura Day - Executive Director - to learn how volunteers at the Hockaday school are using virtual volunteering to reach over 15,000 students in the greater Dallas area.  Access the recording on your own time for an information packed 30 minutes including:

  • A step by step virtual volunteering implementation guide
  • Key resources and questions you should be asking
  • And more!

Success Stories - Three Keys to Virtual Volunteering 

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The Academy of the Holy Cross has logged over 400 volunteer hours since campus closed! Emily Teter - Director of Social Justice - shares three keys to success that motivate volunteers to do good from home!  



All Virtual Volunteer Opportunities

Decorate Lunch Bags



A great update from the Incarnate Word Academy. Find a local nonprofit providing lunches and decorate lunch bags to spread kindes, hope and care! 

Connect with Seniors to Play Words With Friends



"We are trying to pair students with seniors to play Words with Friends!"

What a great idea from Cathedral High School!  Here is a link for:

Write Letters to Troops



"For every 3 cards you create, you will receive 1 hour of service."

A great idea from our friends at the Academy of the Holy Cross!

You can find a number of great options for this activity hereBonus points for having students take photos and use the email verification feature in your MobileServe app!

Virtual Assistance for the Blind



Be My Eyes is a free app that connects blind and low-vision people with sighted volunteers and company representatives for visual assistance through a live video call.

Another great find from DeSales High School!

Here's the link!

Volunteer for House Chores



Especially for younger volunteers!

Consider activities such as spring cleaning YOUR  home, working in YOUR yard (mowing lawn, weeding, planting, brush clean up, etc), detailing YOUR PARENTS’ car (not your own!), etc. 

Another great idea from Mount Paran Christian School!

Create Instructional Videos



Relive those glory days and create music, art or dance tutorials for others to sharpen their skills while at home. A fantastic recommendaton by our friends at The Academy of the Holy Cross!

Record Kids Books on Video for Younger Students



"If your students would like to record some kids books on video, we could send that out to our students!!" 

Great Idea!

National Park Virtual Volunteers



Yes!  Our friends at DeSales High School actually found virtual volunteer opportunities with the National Park Service!

Heres the link.  Thanks for sharing!

Sew Medical Masks



"Many hospitals have requested medical masks in light of shortages in parts of the country. Joann Fabrics has a video here of how to sew the masks and they have drop offs at each store along with curbside pick up."

Thanks to The Academy of the Holy Cross for sharing this opportunity

Help the Smithsonian Museum



Another great find from DeSales High School.  Check out the great opportunities for virtual volunteering at the Smithsonian!

"Digital Volunteers" can now take on important assignments to expand access to the Smithsonian's massive collections, and can participate in a variety of research programs.


Call Local Nonprofits



We received so many great local ideas from program leaders who reached out to their community for local virtual volunteer opportunities.  Consider what unique opportunities may be near you. We can't wait to hear about them!

Are you providing virtual volunteer opportunities? Let us know today!