MobileServe Case Study

The Academy of the Holy Cross & Virtual Volunteering

Academey of the Holy Cross & MobileServe

400 Volunteer Hours
Since Campus Closed

Communities Served
Elderly, Military, Hospitalized Children, Cancer Patients & More

In these tough times, The Academy of The Holy Cross recognized their community needed volunteers more than ever.  Through innovation, a culture of inclusion and embracing digital resources, their campus community stepped up in a big way to virtually deliver on the commitment they made to the community.  In the true spirit of service, they've agreed to share three keys to their virtual volunteering success. 




475 Students


Private institution



Impact Statements: In Their Own Words

"I helped my neighbor in 2nd grade complete her habitat project which is her schoolwork during the corona virus shutdown. Her father is in the military, so he is not home to help her and her mother works full-time."

"Packed/ served meals for those in need in the coronavirus crisis- Help distribute remote learning packets to quarantined students"

Keys to Virtual Volunteer Success

In the true spirit of service, Emily Teter - Director of Social Justice - and MobileServe have compiled three key steps to success at The Academy of the Holy Cross.  MobileServe applauds Emily and the entire student body at The Academy of the Holy Cross for impacting your local communities through your service and extending that same spirit here to help volunteers across the country.

Step 1: Clearly Communicate Expectations

Students and parents immediately turn to the Key to Success 1website in uncertain times.  Emily ensured service hour expectations were clearly documented as part of the institution’s response plan. This clear communication empowered students to determine how they can align their passions to meet their service hours safely from home.

Step 2: Provide Resources

Many volunteers want to help but struggleKey to Success 2 knowing where to start.  Emily recognized this challenge early on and began creating a shared digital document with multiple volunteer opportunities.  Many of Emily's resources provided the foundation for MobileServe's virtual volunteering resources page. 

Step 3: Quickly Spread the Word

Documenting virtual volunteer hours is so Key to Success 3-1important to inspiring other volunteers.  Emily capitalized on the many digital verification options in the MobileServe app to efficiently document and verify the impact of her virtual volunteers. Quick documentation allowed one act of good to influence another.

Thank you again to Emily and the students at the Academy of the Holy Cross.  We are inspired by your tenacity knowing there is so much good to be done in uncertain times.  We hope you are also inspired by these volunteers and know that with the right planning, virtual volunteering can continue have tremendous impacts on our communities and volunteers. 

MobileServe is committed to eliminating the challenges of volunteer hour management. Please enjoy these free resrouces and take the next step to strengthen your program with MobileServe.

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