What is my organization’s code?

Your organization's codes are listed on the Sub Orgs page on the Dashboard.  You can also download a guide with all of your Sub Orgs and their codes by clicking "Download Getting Started Guide" in the Sub Menu.


How do members join my organization?

Encourage members to create their MobileServe account via the email invitation link. Using the email link will automatically add them to your organization. If they did not use the link to create their account or if they can’t find the email, they can add the code manually in their user profile:

    1. Go to Settings (gear icon next to his/her name)

    2. Under Organization

    3.  click “Join Organization”


On the following page enter the code and wait for the organization to be found


Select “Join”

How do I make someone an administrator?

When inviting the user for the first time:

  1. On the Invite Users page check the “Admin” box under their email address and name.


When the user already has a MobileServe account and is associated with your organization:

  1. Go to Users & find / search for the user

  2. Select the pencil icon under the Actions column for the user

  3. Check the Admin box

  4. Select “Update User”

How do I remove a user?

  1. Start by determining what Sub Org a User belongs to.
  2. Go to the Sub Orgs page and click "Go To" for the Sub Org the user is in.
  3. Go to Users & find / search for the user.

  4. Click on the name of the User you want to Remove.
  5. Click "Update" in the upper right corner.
  6. Click "Remove" in the lower right corner.

Notes: This only removes a user, it does not delete the account.  The user and their logs will still appear in reports during the timeframe they were associated with your organization, but they will no longer be able to report hours to your organization.

Some of my members have duplicate accounts. How do I remove the duplicates?

Only the support team at MobileServe can delete an account.  Reach out to support@mobileserve.org for assistance.  Please provide the email addresses for both accounts and specifically which account should be deleted.  In the case where a user has logged hours toward multiple accounts we do not have the option to merge users, so the user will need to manually add the hours from one of their accounts into the other.

How do I toggle between the Admin Dashboard and my personal account in the web app?

  1. Your Dashboard is located at: app.mobileserve.org/dashboard
  2. Your personal account (where you can create your own service logs) is located at: app.mobileserve.org


  3. You can toggle between the two by clicking "Profile" while in your Dashboard, and clicking "Dashboard" while in your individual account.


How do I change my Service Categories?

  1. From your Dashboard go to Settings
  2. Select Service Categories, which will give you options to:
  3. Delete (trash icon)
  4. Edit (pencil icon)
  5. Make the category invisible (box)


What’s the difference between deleting a category and making it invisible?

Visibility: If you make a Service Category invisible (by unchecking the “visible” box), users will no longer be able to use that category when logging time. You can turn visibility on and off without losing the data. Logs created when the category is visible will still show up in that category in your reports and in users’ individual service logs.

Deleting: If you delete a Service Category, you can’t undo it. If there are logs tied to the Service Category, you will be prompted to choose a different Service Category for them before deleting.

Who do I contact with questions?

Email us or log into your MobileServe account to chat with us or reach out through our Intercom System while you're on your account:

User Profile on Web: Blue chat bubble in the bottom right corner
User Profile on Mobile: In the menu under Support
Admin Dashboard: Chat bubble in the upper right corner